Mine will be the first heart you break. Hers will be the second. We will both fall over you, stumbling but you will not break us in the same way.

You will see me on an empty street at 3 am for the first time and I will be holding a bottle of liquor and you will walk right past me on the street, you won’t know yet that I will be the one to love you more than I love myself. One month later, you will be walking down the same empty street and again, I will be there. I am trying to run away from something and I will wake up in your bed by 7 am and I won’t be scared. I will love you.

After me, you will meet her in an old record store. She will be just into music as much as you and you’ll take her out for coffee. She will kiss you on your walk home, and you’ll never think of me again after that. She will be everything you know. You will be the one to love her more than you love yourself but you don’t ever want to get married and she should take that personal, I wish I wouldv’e. You’ll leave her mid sentence for the one who settles for spending Friday nights with you under street lights, she will settle for absolutely nothing.

You will leave both of us. You’ll end up spending the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t love you and I hope, I hope you find comfort in that.

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